South Wing of Radio Room

Emerson Tube and Hybrid Radios in South Wing

Tung-Sol Radio/Television Service Clock, R.C.A. Electron Tubes Store Hours Sign
Emerson Canada Sign
Emerson 747 (white & gold), Emerson 747 (green & silver), Emerson 747 (burgundy & gold)
Emerson 838 (grey & silver), Emerson 838 (burgundy & gold), Emerson 838 (black & silver)
Emerson 856 (white), Emerson 856 (burgundy), Emerson 856 (green)
Emerson 856 (salmon), Emerson 856 (grey), Emerson 856 (burgundy)
Emerson 856 (burgundy) Emerson 856 (black), Emerson 856 (salmon)

Radio Advertising Items in South Wing

Sylvania Radio Service Clock, R.C.A. Electron Tubes Sign, Tung-Sol Radio/Television Service Clock
R.C.A. TV Service Thermometer Sign, G.E. Authorized Dealer Sign, R.C.A. Message Board "Hank's Radioland"
R.C.A. Chalkboard, DeForest Radio Dealer Sign, R.C.A. Clock, Packard Bell Sign, Cunningham Tube Sign
Miscellaneous Junk on Desk

American Transistor Radios in South Wing

R.C.A. Lighted Sign
Admiral 801, Westinghouse H-586P7, Motorola 56T1, Motorola 56T1, Motorola 66T1, Motorola 7X23E
Buick 981970, Raytheon T-100-4, Airline BR-1100A, Raytheon T-100-3, Silvertone 2209
Philco QT-85, Magnavox AM-2, Bulova 672, Bulova 620 (white), Bulova 620 (red), R.C.A. 8-BT-7LE, R.C.A. 9-BT-9J
G.E. P746B, G.E. 675 (black), G.E. 676 (white), G.E. 677 (red), G.E. 678 (green), G.E. P-790A
G.E. P809E, G.E. P280A, Majestic 6TS33, Regency TR-1, Arvin 61R16, Zenith Royal 450V, Zenith Royal 555 (solar)
Zenith Royal 500E, Zenith Royal 500D (burgundy), Zenith Royal 500D (white), Zenith Royal 500 (burgundy), Zenith Royal 500 (black), Trav-Ler TR-282B, Trav-Ler TR-285B, Motorola X17R
Silvertone 9206, Zenith Royal 200, Silvertone 9202, Regency TR-99, Arvin 8576, Westinghouse H-699P7, Emerson 888 "Atlas", Emerson 888 "Pioneer"

Novelty Radios in South Wing

R.C.A. Battery Center Sign
Cathedral, Pepsi Machine, Orange, Cathedral, Pepsi Machine, Coke Bottle, Coke Can, Coke Bottle, Binoculars, Jukebox, My First Sony
Small Emerson, Knight, Globe, RADIO Sign, Fake Radio Liquor Flask, Battery, Owl, Crosley Book Radio
Baseball, Repro Vintage Transistor, Globe, Car, Small Radio, Small Stereo, Gas Pump, Vertical Panasonic

Japanese Tube and Transistor Radios in South Wing

Zenith Dealer Sign
Emerson Lighted Sign
NEC NT-61, Hitachi TH-667, Nipco HI-Fi-8, Fujii T-23
Telefunken "Partner" (German), Nipco 8T-888, Spica ST-600 (white), Spica ST-600 (red)
Olympic 666, Wilco ST-6, Candle PTR-100, Channel Master 6506
Peerless LP-400 (tube), Global GR-7000 (tube), Lafayette "Novelette" (tube),
Oceana PR-640 (blue, tube), Star-Lite MPR-100 (tube), Oceana PR-640 (green, tube)
Crown PR-530 (green, tube), Five Stars M-1832 (tube), SunTone PR-530 (white, tube)
Sterling LS-4 (tube), World P-205 (tube), Goliath P-156S (tube)
Excel T-2100 (tube), Star-Lite SM-300, Crown PR-530 (white, tube)

American Tube and Transistor Radios in South Wing

Raytheon Man TV/Radio Service Lighted Sign
Hoffman K_-709XS (solar), Hoffman BP-402 (tube), Hoffman CP-706 (solar)
Philco T-7-126 (black dial), Philco T-45, Philco T-7-126 (white dial)
Emerson 911 (red), Emerson 555, Emerson 999, Emerson 911 (white),
Emerson 849, Automatic TT-528 (red, tube), Automatic TT-600 (grey and white, hybrid), Automatic TT-600 (red and white, hybrid)
Motorola 45P2 (tube), Raytheon Brass, Sylvania 4P14
Westinghouse H793P6GP, G.E. P808E, Sony TR-84
Emerson 850 (grey & white, tube), Privat-Ear (tube), Emerson 850 (burgundy & white, tube),

Radio Related Items in South Wing

Cocoa-Cola Cooler Radio Refrigerator Magnet, Cathedral Radio Refrigerator Magnet, Metal Dollhouse Miniature Radio, Radio Cigarette Lighter/Music Box, Cathedral Radio Printer's Block, Cathedral Radio Coaster Set, Cathedral Radio Limoge Box, R.C.A. Medallions, Deco Radio Clock
Plastic R.C.A. Bank with Atomic Symbol, G.E. Tubes Ashtray, Radiotron Austrailia Desk Caddy, Zenith Tube Hearing Aid, Radiotron Austrailia Ashtray
G.E. Tubes Token, Philco Radio Token, R.C.A. Picture Tube Tie Bar, R.C.A. Employee Pin, Radio Charm, Sylvania Tubes Token/Screwdriver, R.C.A. Round Pocket Knife, R.C.A. Triode Cufflink, G.E. 1 Millionth Tube Cufflink, Deforest Radio Training Pin Zenith Employee 15 Year Pin, G.E. 1 Millionth Tube Cufflink, R.C.A. Triode Cufflink
Belden "Antenna Checkup Week" Button, Atwater Kent Plaque from Radio, R.C.A. Playing Cards, Sampson Stiktape Aerial Reel, R.C.A. Rubber Change Mat, Hallmark Cathedral Christmas Ornament