East Wing of Radio Room

Cases #9 and #10 in East Wing

Raytheon Repairs Sign, Westinghouse Tubes Lighted Sign, Philco Tubes Clock, Crosley 66TA, Marconi Tubes Lighted Sign
Motorola 50XH1, Empty, Airline 62-501, G.E. KM-51 Coronado 527C
G.E. 114W, Motorola 65X11A, Belmont 521, Silvertone 6409, Airline 62-504
Coronado C640, Airline 94GCB-1064B, Gloritone 48J6, Emerson BA-199, Airline 04BR-514B, Emerson BN-206
FADA 1000, Elgin ??? (transistor), Lafayette BA-4, Empty, Crosley J13-AE, FADA 605

Japanese Transistor Radios in East Wing

G.E. Tubes Sign
Raytheon TV Sign
Toshiba 7TP-303A, Toshiba 8TM-294, Toshiba 8TP-90, Toshiba 6TP-243
Boy's Radio, Boy's Radio, Top-Flight Boy's Radio, Coronet Boy's Radio, Zephyr GR-36T, Linmark T-62
Trans-America SR-6T60, Hitachi TH-666, Crestline 6T180, Global GR-711, Sony TR-650, HoneyTone FR-601
Vista NTR-966, Global GR-900 (red), Zephyr ZR-620, Global GR-900 (blue), Marvel 6YR15C
Zephyr ZR-620, Sony 2R-31, Toshiba 9TM-40, General ??, Aurora ??

Radio Related Items in East Wing

G.E. Thermometer
Belmont TV Ad
Plastic Radio Bank, Metal Cathedral Radio Bank, R.C.A. Tubes/Radio Repair sign, Dollhouse minature 1930's console radio, Plastic Cathedral Music Box, Plastic Emerson Radio Bank
Radio Glass with Tube Tapper and Letter Opener, R.C.A. Glass with various advertising pencils and pens, R.C.A. Metal Shotglass (hidden), Marconi Tube sign, R.C.A. Coin Mat, Cunningham and Arcturus Tube signs

Workbench in East Wing

Radio Repair Service Sign, Sylvania Radio/Television Service Sign, CBS Tubes Clock
Raytheon Tubes Carousel, Small Parts Cabinets, CBS Tubes Radio Television Certified Repair Service Sign
JDR Frequency Counter, Weston DMM, BK DMM, Tenma Oscilloscope, Heathkit RF Generator, Heathkit RF Generator, HP Audio Generator, Homebrew AM Transmitter
Homebrew High Voltage DC Supply, Heathkit FM Stereo Generator, Heathkit Tube Checker, Homebrew High Voltage DC Supply, Heathkit Low Voltage DC Supply, Tenma Isolation Transformer, Variac, EICO Sweep/Marker Generator