Software for Radio Collectors

This software is now completely free. Download it and use it!

GIRadios - Radio Collection Organizer

Organize your entire radio collection in a single database.
Features: To download the software, click here.

Once it is downloaded, simply execute it, and it will "unzip" itself. You can then read the "readme.txt" file for terms and conditions, registration information, and installation instructions. Once installed, use the online Help to learn how to use it.

Note: You may need to disable your anti-virus software temporarily in order to download and execute the 'girads.exe' file. Or, if your a-v software is like mine, after the file is downloaded and removed by the a-v you can tell the a-v to restore the file from 'quarantine'.

If you have problems with the download or install, contact Hank (that's me) via e-mail by clicking here.

Latest version -- 06 July 2011

GISpice - Graphical version of SPICE for vacuum tube circuits.

Available soon (if I ever get clearance from U.C. Berkeley).

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