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Free Schematics!

If you buy a radio from me and it is one of those covered by the Riders service manuals Volumes I through XXIII (i.e., a radio manufactured before 1950), I'll send along a free photocopy of the schematic for the radio.

A $5 value at most schematic services.

Last Update: 20 Nov 2017

Tube Radios for Sale

Admiral Model 5K32
A typical 1950's large tube portable radio.

Air King Model 4705
A great 1940's tube conventional table radio.

Airline Model 62-288
A large extreme Deco 1930's tube radio.

Airline Model 62-351
A beautiful 1930's tube pushbutton radio.

Airline Model 62-504
A small 1930's tube pushbutton radio.

Belmont Model 6D120
A classic 1930's deco radio.

Coronado Model 123
The ultimate Deco radio!

Coronado Model 527C
An uncommon 1930's table radio.

Emerson Model Bb-208
A stylish 1930's large table radio.

Emerson Model 652
A typical 1950's table radio.

Fada Model 1000
A 20th Century Icon, the classic Fada "Bullet".

General Electric Model 428
A typical 1950's table radio.

General Electric Model H-502
An unusual 1930's tube small table radio.

General Electric Model H-610
A classic 1930's pushbutton table radio.

General Electric Model L-650
A great 1940's table radio.

Gilfillan Model 5C
A rare 1940's small table radio.

Motorola Model 48L11
A great 1940's tube large portable radio.

Philco Model 39-7
A classic 1930's wooden table radio.

Philco Model 49-505
A stylish 1940's tube radio.

R.C.A. Model 61-8
A great 1940's tube conventional table radio.

Silvertone Model 9001
A great 1940's tube conventional table radio.

Stromberg Carlson Model 1500
A great 1940's conventional table radio.

Trav-Ler Model 5054
A "new" unused 1940's midget radio.

Westinghouse Model H366T5
A typical 1950's plaskon tube table radio.

Zenith Model K-412R
An unusual 1950's midget radio.

Zenith Model L515
A typical 1950's clock radio.

Zenith Model R510W
A typical 1950's conventional table radio.

Transistor Radios for Sale

Regency Model Tr-99
A 1960's transistor pocket radio.

Westinghouse Model H793P6Gp
A 1960's transistor late portable radio.

Zephyr Model Zr-620
A 1960's transistor pocket radio.

Coke Bottle
Transistor novelty radio.

Miniature Cathedral
Transistor novelty radio.

Radio-Related Items For Sale.

Information on Buying a Radio

My Prices

These prices are the nominal values listed in the most popular antique radio price guides. I will entertain fair offers. If you are interested in buying one of these radios, contact Hank (that's me) via e-mail by clicking

Other Charges

The buyer pays actual shipping charges only. I don't charge anything for packing because I always have plenty of reusable packing material laying around. I also don't charge anything for "handling".

If you pay by Money Order, cashiers check, or PayPal, I'll ship as soon as possible. If you pay with a personal check, I reserve the right to delay shipping until after the check clears. For small items, repeat customers, or those people with lots of positive feedback on one of the popular auction web sites, I may decide not to delay. Mention that when you e-mail.

If you pay through PayPal, I will pass along the transaction fees that they charge me. You can check the PayPal web site to get an idea of their fees.

Packaging and Shipping

With fragile items like plastic radios, I will always try to double box. This adds weight and (also important to the shipping cost) size to the package. With more sturdy items (like wooden radios) I may not double box. I think I do a good job of packing (check my eBay feedback, my ID is "radmaniac").

These days, I use U.S.P.S. Parcel Post for larger items. For smaller items, I use Priority Mail. If you really want something shipped via U.P.S. I can do that too.

International Shipping

For international shipments I only use the U.S.P.S. parcel post. I will require payment with an international money order. I will not falsify customs declarations, so don't ask.

I accept payments from anyone with a credit card at PayPal (see note above about fees).

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